Empirical Science Ltd, Unit 12 Heathcoat Building, Nottingham Science Park. NG7 2QJ

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science in your hands

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Empirical Science was founded in May 2012 to provide laboratory science teaching and skills training to schools, private students and businesses. Our mission is to fill the gap between mainstream education and industry needs. We provide employer-relevant technical training to schools and the private tuition and lifelong learning sectors, and bespoke professional development to industry. We offer comprehensive professional laboratories where you can experience challenging, advanced experiments.

Empirical Science’s professional, laboratory-skills focus offers practice and learning opportunities directly to students in both schools and industry. We work with all the above organisations to raise motivation,  hone skills and ingrain scientific knowledge through hands-on experience.

ESL Training is the business-facing side of Empirical Science and provides independent science consultancy and training to research and engineering clients.  We have a wealth of experience in commercial R&D, innovation and funding and scientific instrumentation development. The team is skilled in R&D project management, concept generation, networking and writing of grant bids and technical papers.