Empirical Science Ltd, Unit 12 Heathcoat Building, Nottingham Science Park. NG7 2QJ

Tel: 07720 785 006 Email:

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science in your hands

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Andrew Rollason (Director) ESL founder, Andrew Rollason, is a trained scientist with 30 years' experience of research and teaching in Condensed Matter Physics and Instrumentation, and a successful career in business development and technology funding. As an experimental physicist Dr Rollason has delivered laboratory teaching and research modules to over a thousand science undergraduates while carrying out active research programmes using State-of-the-Art crystallography laboratories and international facilities and in UK defence electronics industry.

Tel: 07720 785 006 Email:

Empirical Science uses a network of professionally qualified teachers and researchers to cover all areas of laboratory science, including:

medicinal chemistry; biology; photonics; genetics; materials science and radiation physics.

We continually expand our range of expertise to match specific client needs for each project.